The Solis Network


Decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies have captured mass attention from many groups of communities with the segments ranging from blockchain, game, finance, social, gambling, payments, etc. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to solve issues derived from mass adoption due to scalability, transaction costs and user experience. There have been limited cases where one of the particular applications succeeded in achieving a significant user base, but it led to crippling of the entire network during the high network usage. This means that even the most advanced and widely used networks still need to improve to be ready for mass adoption.

Solis Network is built on Ethereum Network as a sidechain which strived to develop a network that boasts of higher transaction throughput than Ethereum with decentralization in order to improve transaction speeds. And also, to meet many established DApps and other project requirements that have already been created on other networks like Ethereum and others. More crucially, to ensure user experience where other platforms may neglect the massive developer community and developer ecosystem.

Therefore, users can expect Solis Network to cater for high scalability and usability, decentralized, superior user experience, and low network fees.

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